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I want to buy Bitcoin... where do I start?

Updated: May 30, 2021

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1. You should do research. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but given there are so many options of crypto, it’s necessary to at least have an idea of their characteristics. Maybe Bitcoin is not the one you want, and you would like to buy Litecoin, or Tezos, or Cardano, etc. A good place to start is to check their prices and market cap, like on Kraken (we like their short descriptions and the easy to read graphs)

2. Create a profile in a crypto exchange. In short, this is a website or app where you can buy and sell crypto. Some are free, some have fees, some are only available in certain countries, some are easier to use than others... you get the idea. It's always a good idea to check their reviews and see how reliable they are. Once you find the one you like, create your account.

3. Buy a wallet. Basically, the wallet it’s the encrypted device where you will store your crypto. There are hot (online or apps) and cold (physical) wallets. In general, cold wallets, which are similar to a flash-drive, are much more secure because there are less chances of being hacked. Not all wallets can store the same kinds of crypto, that’s why first you should decide on what crypto you would like to buy. And remember, never ever share your password.

4. Save your crypto. You could immediately spend your crypto, but if you choose to store it, make sure you follow all the steps to set up your wallet. They come with a set of secure words you should be ready to save IN PAPER! These are your keys to recover the information in your wallet. Remember, crypto are digital money that lives in a blockchain, you need your keys to access and without them you’ll lose your money.

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